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First off, HELLO

You're probably wondering "The Seven Story"? What does that mean? I didn't want this blog to be boring and be called "Sydney and Kevin" or "The Aylesworth's". So naturally I combined our names like celebrities do and Sydney + Kevin = Seven. Now the number 7 has just kind of stuck with us and has turned into our lucky number. 

This blog is just what it says it is. Seven Stories. Stories about us, what we're up to, my online journal, my latest favorites from clothes to make up to recipes, travel guides, and sharing my latest photography. 

Kev is working full time in inside sales, and going to school full time as well. I am working full time as the photographer for the company Origami Owl. I am also working full time with my personal business Sydney Aylesworth Photography so we are busy! But life is so good. We love living here in Arizona, soaking up sunshine, cactus, and cotton candy sunsets. 

I am also a believer that videos are the best way to tell stories and share memories! 
Below is how we met, love story, and wedding video to get to know us a little better.  

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